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Hot Air Welding

Basic kit Autotherm3 WEG AB 120L

Picture shows optional accessories

Consisting of:

  • Hot Air Welding Torch Model Autotherm3 with named hose length
  • Spare heating element 1,000 W
  • One tacking Nozzle HD, one round nozzle RD 4 mm, one speed welding nozzle SSD 4 mm, one round brush for cleaning nozzles
  • On-site blower WEG AB 120L for two welding torches (incl. Air volume gauge)
  • Device stand
  • Carrying case


  • Integrated temperature control, infinitely variable adjustment of the welding temperature via push button, display of the actual and target temperature in the plaintext display
  • Air and electricity supply in one hose package
  • Hose connection points diagonally downwards
  • Handle incl. nozzle can be turned relative to the hose connection
  • Bend protection device at the hose connection
  • Safety cutout if the air supply fails
  • Heating element safety cutout
  • Heating element 1,000 W
  • Available with 4 m or 8 m air and electrical supply in one hose as well as 120 V Version

Range of Application:

Manufacture of reservoirs, tanks and containers, manufacturer of plastic apparatus, pipeline construction, ventilation systems, automotive, roofing, landfill technology, car repair


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Video Autotherm3

Technical Data Basic kit Autotherm3 WEG AB 60
Item no. 25293 (4 m)
Item no. 25294 (8 m)
Power supply: 230V 1/N 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 1,000 W
Temperature*: up to 600 °C
Airflow (20 °C) external air supply: 40-60 l/min
Weight welder**: 460 g
Weight blower: 20.7 kg
* = max. temperature deviates depending from the welding tip used.
(We recommend 45 to 60 l/min for welding)
** = without connection lead

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